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Oftentimes, tax crises happen when you weren’t even expecting them to occur. The individual sometimes accidentally files incorrectly, or businesses forget to take note of a certain tax formality. Tax difficulties aren’t uncommon, but audits can make everything worse.

Scott N. Tisevich Attorney at Law can work hard to get you out of trouble with the IRS. A tax audit is a scary thing, but there is a way to find a way out of this situation. In addition to audit help, our lawyer can also help you if you are facing a bank levy or a prompt to seize your property. No matter what tax difficulty you’re facing, our lawyer can assist you.

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Scott N. Tisevich has been helping individuals and businesses with tax audit defense in Reno since 1979. That’s over 30 years of experience getting positive results for those in tight situations.

The legal repercussions for avoiding audits and other notices are serious. The minute you know about a tax problem, you should call a lawyer experienced in tax law.

Properly address concerns with the IRS today with Scott N. Tisevich Attorney at Law by your side. Schedule an appointment with our Reno tax audit attorney today at (775) 786-8926 to discuss your situation.