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After beginning his legal career on the east coast, Scott N. Tisevich developed a desire to work with smaller businesses and individual clients rather than large corporations. Starting his firm in the Reno, Nevada area allowed Scott to be more directly involved in helping his clients find solutions to their problems as opposed to just being a cog in a large legal machine. Scott now uses his decades of tax and bookkeeping experience to provide individuals and small businesses with tax preparation services and tax crisis assistance. Scott focuses his practice on helping clients overcome their obstacles, and he can do the same for you.


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Scott's broad knowledge base, built over four decades, has benefited multiple generations of clients.

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Scott provides a unique combination of services available to individuals and small businesses.

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For individuals and businesses alike, few things can strike fear as much as tax problems can. Though it has become almost a running joke over the years, battling with the Internal Revenue Service is no laughing matter. When you are confronted with serious tax issues, having a skilled and experienced tax attorney on your side can be the difference between happiness and headaches. Choosing the right attorney can put you in a good position from the start.

For over four decades, Scott N. Tisevich has been helping individuals and small businesses in the Reno, Nevada area deal with tax complications. Providing both tax preparation services as well as legal assistance in times of tax crisis is the focus of Scott's practice. And he has the necessary knowledge to make sure your financial affairs are dealt with the right way today so they will not come back to haunt you tomorrow.

In addition to helping clients find satisfying solutions to their tax problems, attorney Scott Tisevich also provides legal counsel for individuals or businesses in need of bankruptcy service. He also offers guidance for individuals looking to prepare for their family's financial future through wills and trusts and legal representation for families in probate cases, or companies in a wide range of business law matters.

Tax problems, bankruptcy filings, and issues regarding business law can often be overwhelming, but you don't have to deal with these complicated situations on your own. Let an experienced attorney work with you to pursue the best possible outcome. Whether you need help with tax preparation, a tax crisis, bankruptcy, or wills, trusts, or probate, call the Law Office of Scott N. Tisevich today to schedule a free consultation.