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IRS Audit Attorney in Reno, Nevada

Just the words “IRS audit” can strike fear into the heart of any taxpayer in the United States. Facing a tax audit conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be one of the most dreaded situations for a taxpayer. However, once you have an understanding of this process, you can be confident that you will be able to survive the IRS tax audit and avoid any negative consequences.  

The IRS audit attorney at the Law Office of Scott N. Tisevich helps taxpayers in Reno, Nevada, and the surrounding areas navigate complicated audit procedures and ensure they achieve the best outcome possible. Scott N. Tisevich also provides legal counsel to clients in Las Vegas, Carson City, Story County, Douglas County, Churchill County, and Lyon County.  

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What Is an IRS Audit? 

An IRS audit is a review performed by the Internal Revenue Service to examine an individual’s or organization’s financial information and/or accounts to ensure their compliance with the tax law. The primary goal of an IRS audit is to verify that the taxpayer’s reported tax amounts are correct.  

There are various reasons the IRS may audit you, including: 

  1. You underreported your income. 

  1. You made math errors in your tax returns. 

  1. You have questionable deductions or losses. 

  1. You did not report foreign accounts. 

  1. You have an undocumented filing status. 

  1. You have excessive expenses. 

  1. You claimed too many charitable donations. 

Generally, the IRS will not audit you if you make no mistakes when filing tax returns and you follow the law as best as you can. However, it often happens that the IRS may audit you even when there is no apparent reason for the tax audit. Either way, it is best to contact an IRS audit attorney to prepare an effective audit strategy.  

How to Avoid a Tax Audit 

Some tax audits are random, but some are conducted because a computer program identifies certain red flags in a taxpayer’s returns. There are steps you can take to avoid these red flags and reduce your likelihood of being audited by the IRS: 

  • Make sure your math always adds up. 

  • Report all income. 

  • File your tax return on time. 

  • Double-check your tax deductions. 

  • Double-check your income-to-expenses percentage. 

  • Include all necessary schedules. 

  • Avoid claiming false dependents. 

  • Avoid rounded numbers. 

While there is no guarantee that you will avoid an IRS audit, following the above-mentioned tips can significantly reduce your likelihood of being audited.  

Your Rights if You Receive an IRS Audit 

You have certain rights when being audited by the IRS. Your rights include: 

  • the right to an explanation of the audit procedures; 

  • the right to legal representation by an attorney; and 

  • the right to request an opinion from the IRS on technical issues that arise during the tax audit process.  

Keep in mind that just because you are being audited does not mean you are being accused of a crime. The IRS simply wants to evaluate the accuracy of your tax return information. Nonetheless, it is still a good idea to be represented by an IRS audit attorney in Reno, Nevada, who can help you navigate the complex aspects of the audit.  

What to Expect During and After the Audit 

You should be informed of an audit by certified letter before it takes place. The IRS conducts audits either through an in-person interview or by mail. An in-person interview may take place at the IRS office, an accountant’s office, the taxpayer’s home, or the taxpayer’s place of business.  

There are two possible outcomes of the IRS audit: the IRS suggests changes or no change is made. If you agree with the findings of the audit, you can sign the form sent to you by the IRS. If the audit reveals that you owe money to the IRS, you will have to settle your liabilities to finalize the audit process.  

However, if you do not agree with the findings of the IRS audit, you can request a conference with the agency’s manager. You also have the option of filing an appeal to challenge the findings of the audit. However, you might want to speak with an attorney before you file a request for appeal.  

IRS Audit Attorney Serving Reno, Nevada

Are you facing an IRS audit and don’t know what to do? The IRS audit attorney Scott N. Tisevich in Reno, Nevada, is here to help you through this anxiety-inducing and stressful process. The Law Office of Scott N. Tisevich is committed to helping clients navigate the IRS audit process and avoid or minimize possible legal problems or penalties. If you are looking for quality representation, contact Scott N. Tisevich and schedule a consultation.